About Dave Fry
Seeing the need in 1999, Dave created the ETF Digest Investment Newsletter which was launched in early 2000. At the time ETFs were in the backwater of investment choices for individuals and institutional investors. One thing became certain following the dotcom bubble and some mutual fund scandals the need for ETFs became apparent.
As an author Dave wrote Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund, A DIY Strategy for Private Wealth Management published by Wiley Finance in 2008 and The Best ETFs: U.S. Equities, A Companion Guide to Building Your ETF Portfolio [Kindle Edition] published in 2012.
Dave was among the very first to see the need for an online publication that provided individual investors and financial professionals with trading tools, relevant market information and actionable guidance and advice on ETF investing.
In July of 2009, Fry was named in the ETF Hall of Fame as one of the Top 25 people who revolutionized the ETF industry and guided ETF investing early before they gained widespread acceptance among all breeds of investors.
Are there too many ETFs now?
Dave believes Wall Street new product engineers have seized the ETF space blurring product differences especially in the index linked areas.

Going forward he is dropping the use of the ETF Digest label in favor of a simple blog, “Dave Fry’s Musings”. It includes an eclectic mix of his overall views from investing, politics, and his overall comments of life from the fast to slow lanes.


Coming soon: "The Markets I Knew" and a Hawaii memoir “Malaekahana” with both being released during 2017 and 2018.

Career highlights
He has devoted over 45 years to the business of trading and portfolio management. He is registered as an arbitrator with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the National Futures Association (NFA).

Dave is a frequent commentator and presenter on ETFs and other issues important to individual investors for ETF conferences and private investment groups.  His perspectives are featured in global financial news sources, radio, webinars and print media.

By 2000 ETF Digest trading programs were making triple-digit gains, despite the sharp dotcom bubble collapse. And later during the financial crisis in 2008.
The ETF Digest began attracting favorable coverage in Barron’s with three positive reviews in 2002, 2004 and 2007.

Dave was a columnist for TheStreet.com, MarketWatch and a popular blogger and commentator with over 100,000 followers.

From 1997-99, he was Managing Director, Proprietary Investments, at JWH Investment Management (JWHIMI), an affiliated company of John W. Henry & Company. In that capacity, Dave was responsible for the management of private investments as well as some corporate accounts.
The previous period Dave owned and operated an NASD broker/dealer, Fry & Co. an SEC registered investment advisory firm, Asia-Pacific Investment Management Inc, The 21st Century Hedge Fund and Fry & Co Futures Fund.
He was also a registered Commodity Pool Operator [CPO], Commodity Trading Advisor [CTA], and Introducing Broker [IB].
Prior to operating his own investment firms, Dave was Vice President, Investments at Shearson Lehman Bros. and held a similar position at Paine Webber.
During his tenure with registered firms he maintained the following licenses: Municipal Bond Principal (Series 53), Options Principal (Series 4), General Securities Principal (Series 24), General Securities  (Series 7), Commodity (Series 3), State Securities License (Series 63), and State Insurance License (Life).